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Fairness in Benefits

August 14th, 2011 by

Recently, a discussion was started (and abruptly came to an end) on the SAC-L mailing list (a list for School Age Care professionals) regarding benefits for part-time employees.

At issue is a problem that has long-plagued the Out-of-School-Time profession- the issue of benefits, which is also linked to the issue of worthy wages.The cost of health care

I have said in previous posts that, as I worked up from an entry-level “aide” position in the early 1990′s, I found myself with a 22-hour per week job.  I had other offers for more hours and better pay: a position as a line cook, a disc jockey, an instructional aide.  I turned them all down.

Why?  Because the company I worked for, Palo Alto Community Child Care, offered full benefits (medical, dental, vision… even chiropractic!) to its employees of 20-hours per week or more.  With benefits in my pocket, I was free to use my non-working hours to create additional income through my music-for-kids program.  Because of the benefits offered me, I stayed at the center where I began life as an aide… for 11 years!  Not only did I work my way up through the ranks of teacher to Asst. Director to Director, but my presence (and the above-average longevity of the staff members there) created a sense of continuity for the kids in the program.

So, the question becomes: how do we provide health care benefits for those working with children and youth without balancing the cost on the backs of the parents (some of whom -believe it or not- make less than youth workers)?

Any ideas?